This FREE Software Turns Your Facebook Messenger Into A Colour Coded CRM..

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āœ… You Can Create 3 Colour Coded Tags And Tag People Inside Your Messenger Inbox. For Example: You Can Create Tags Called Cold Leads, Hot Leads And Buyers And Then Tag People On Your Messenger Based On Where They Are In Your Sales Process.

āœ… You Can Automatically Add The Newest Members Of Any Facebook Group As A Friend And Start A Conversation With Them By Sending A Custom Message.

āœ… You Can Take Notes On Your Prospects While Talking To Them Right Inside The Messenger. This Will Help You To Remember Who The Person Is When You Are Talking To That Person After A Couple Of Days.

āœ… You Can Create Canned Messages. For Example: While Talking To Your Prospects On Messenger, You Don't Have To Retype The Same Old Messages That You Frequently Send To Your Prospects Again And Again. Instead You Can Save Them As Canned Responses And Send It With Just One Click. You Can Use This Feature To Create A Messenger Script Based On Your Previous Conversations With Old Prospects, Save Them As Canned Responses And Use It To Convert New Prospects Into Paying Customer.

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