The Game Is Changing...

Let me tell you something that many in the online marketing space have yet to realize or refuse to share...

The game is changing...

People are becoming jaded.

They are getting exposed to "make money online opportunities" 24/7.

I am not saying that the market is becoming saturated...

...but you MUST be different from the crowd.

It's not sufficient enough to just join one of those programs that are purely based on information, send people a link and hope that they will be interested enough to give it a shot.

It's a red ocean FILLED with hungry sharks.

And if you want to come up on top, you have to do things differently.

The 1848 California Goldrush

To drive home the point, I want to tell you a little story.

Back in 1848, people have found the first gold in California.

After the news spread, people from all over the world rushed towards California to dig for gold.

Hence the name...


Of course there have been lots of people that were making fortunes by finding gold.

But even more people went home empty handed, because they weren't able to find any.


There was one group of people that have made A LOT of money, regardless of whether they have been digging for gold or not.

Can you guess who these people were?











You guessed it!

The Traders That Were Selling The Tools And Shovels TO The People Digging For Gold!

And here is another fact for you:


People are digging for gold (aka looking for other people that might join them in their opportunity) left and right...

...and with everything that is going on in 2022 and probably 2023 as well, there will be even MORE people starting to dig for gold...

So my question to you is:

Why Join Thousands Of Gold Diggers, When You Can Also Be Part Of The Exclusive Few That Sell Tools To These People?


Cloudkii Partner Program

As a Cloudkii Partner, you get to sell a "high-in-demand" automation tool, just like ELMessenger Pro to a booming market.

And the best part?


ELMessenger Pro is an all-in-one tool suite that lets people automate 3 components of organic Facebook marketing: Outreach, Follow Up & Organization.

Here are just a few of the things this tool can do for you and your customers:​

✅ You can automatically add new members of any facebook group as your friend, tag them and start a conversation with them using customized message with their first name, so you can focus your time on just the people that get back to you..

✅ You can hyper-target members of a specific group, by adding a profile tag your dream customers identify themselves as. For example: Affiliate Marketer, Founder, CEO, Coach, Self Employed etc.

✅ You can automatically add people from other people's Facebook post's / Facebook ads reactions, tag them and start conversations with them using customized message with their first name, so you can focus your time on just the people that get back to you.

✅ You can tag people on fb messenger with color coded tags to keep your inbox organized and to track where someone is on your sales process . For example - hot leads, cold leads, new conversations, ready to buy etc.

✅ You can automatically react and respond to your 2 step post comments on facebook based on the keyword someone types, you can tag them and send a customized message with their first name and based on what they commented.

✅ You can take notes on prospects that you are taking to right inside the facebook messenger.

✅ You can save frequently sent messages or your messenger closing script as a canned response and you can send it to people in one click instead of typing them again and again.

✅ You can set reminders if a lead asks you to follow up on a later date. You will get a reminder through your google calendar so you will never miss to follow up with a potential lead.

✅ You can run automated broadcast and drip sequences of messages to people on a particular tag to re-engage with them again.

✅ You can filter messages based on tags, whether they you responded or not responded to their messages. This allows you to keep track of all messages so you never miss to respond someone.

✅ You can save your tags, message scripts etc and share with other ELMessenger Pro user as frameworks.

✅ You can save important links, send it to prospects easily. And when they click it, they'll be asked to leave their name and email before being sent to the original link which will collect and store their contact information into the back office. You can export it all later to a google sheet.

✅ You can automatically remove inactive friends based on when they lastly engaged with you.

✅ You can automatically cancel all sent / received friend requests in one click.

✅ You can sync all the leads you generate through the links feature with your Funnel Pro or GoHighLevel account using your api keys and you can trigger powerful workflow automations.

✅ You can access your back office to manage leads, tags, campaigns, engages, frameworks and do a lot more.

Who Can You Sell ELMessenger Pro To?

This is one of the things that makes me so excited about this partnership opportunity...


Because with a tool like ELMessenger Pro, you can go out and connect with;

✅ High Ticket Affiliate Marketers...

✅ Coaches & Consultants...

✅ Network Marketers...

✅ And pretty much anyone who is using Facebook to generate leads and sales for their business!

...and have something extremly valuable to share with them.

What Do We Know About This Audience?

They Are Proven Buyers

If you've been around for some time, you know that a buyer is a buyer is a buyer. These people have already spent lots of money on their business, and will spend even more!

They Are Busy Individuals

Most of these people are busy individuals that value their time. If they find a better way to be more efficient and get more results in less time, they will absolutely go for it.

They Are Already Sold

You don't need to sell them on the idea of using Facebook messenger to generate leads and sales for their business... because they already are!

They Are Easy To Identify

This is the best part... you can easily find these people on Facebook! Because they are the ones that create the content, hang out in Facebook groups and are REACHING OUT TO YOU!

That's Why This Is An Offer That Just Makes Sense!

Who Is This For?

✔️ Newbie to online marketing who are willing to learn new skills and put in the work necessary to see the results.

✔️ Organic Facebook marketers who are already using their Facebook profile to generate leads and sales for their business.

✔️ Affiliate marketers who wants to generate more qualified leads for their offers and ethically raise their value in the marketplace by using softwares as bonuses in their offers. 

✔️ Entrepreneurs that wants to add high in demand software products to their offers and also wants to keep 100% of the profits. 

✔️ Marketers that are already having an audience and ideally a facebook group to promote to.

✔️ People who are willing to play the long game to build their Recurring Income Machine.

Who Is This NOT For?

✔️ Complete beginners who have no idea what organic Facebook marketing means and are not willing to learn and put in the work necessary to see the results.

✔️ People who have never used their Facebook profile for their business and are not planning to.  

✔️ Tire Kickers who are never taking action on what they purchase.

✔️ People who are not willing to take the risks to become successful online.

✔️ People who needs to be babysitted every step of the way.

✔️ People who wants to make quick money online.

Here Is How I Promote This Software

1. Giving Away Free Version Of The Software As A Gift To Generate Leads

I am Giving away the limited basic version of the software for free to anyone who is showing interest + a free training showing them how to use the software to generate free leads and sales through their Facebook profile.

After using the free version and after realising the full power of the software, guess who they have to reach out to pay and to get the full version of the software.


Since I am the one who gave the free version of the software they have to reach out to me to pay and upgrade to the paid version. 

Thats where I make money.

Imagine being where i am, and imagine being able to give away free softwares to build an email list of potential leads and make money when they upgrade. 

This is a long game, but if you are able to give away atleast 100 licenses, even a 10% conversion on the monthly subscription of ELMessenger Pro would get you to $670 monthly recurring revenue and you get to keep 100% of it. 


Look at how many licenses i have given away / sold so far.

501 Licenses to be exact. 

Out of which 52 are paid subscribers and I'm making over $2,500 recurring every month

Refer to the image below..

2. Including Software As A Bonus In My High Ticket Affiliate Offers Or Own Offers

I am Giving away the paid premium version of the software free for x number of days or months as a bonus for my high ticket affiliate offers or my own offers. 

For this i would usually send people to a checkout page that's connected to a 30 days or a 90 days free trial of the paid version of the software depending on what i'm offering them as a bonus. 

And to claim it they have to enter their payment info and get on a free trial. 

Here I might not be making instant money from reselling the software since i am giving it for free for x number of days, but i will be making money from the high ticket affiliate offers or my own offers that i'm selling in the front end. 

Look at the revenue i was able to generate in the front end just by using Software as a bonus on my offers. 

Imagine being able to use software as a bonus in your offers and being able to get high ticket sales in the front end and also make recurring revenue in the backend when the users on free bonus trial converts into a paid customer.

How cool is that??

Will This Work For Me If I'm A Complete Newbie?

Indeed It will work for you as long as you learn whats taught inside the program, if you apply what you learn and if you are consistent with planting the seeds. 

Take a look at Khoosh, He is 18 years old and he is one of my best selling partners who made over $3000 in his first 30 days of joining the partnership. 

He was a complete newbie when he started, he followed what's taught and he found success with our partner program. 

Right now he has over 49 people into subscription and making over $1500 in recurring revenue every single month. 

He has made over $5000 online within 60 days of joining our partner program. 

Have a look at his first 30 days results. Our partner results speaks for themselves.  

Hear What Other Partners Has To Say...

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